Keen Riot

projects and references

Here are listed some of my previous projects and references:


music and soundscapes:

2016 „Dynamic States of Static“ (multimedia sound art)

2016 „À Grands Pas (Out of Reality)“ (algorithmic composition)

2016 „Anti-Einheitsbrei (Schmetterling Perspektive)“ (composition)

2015 „Under Destruction“ (music album)

2014 „The Poetry of a Heartbeat“ (experimental music)

2013 „Klangalphabet“/“Audioreactive ring“ (animation)

sound design and postproduction

2016 „Ambient Call“ (podcast)

2015 „Stadt, Land, Pool“ (short film)

2014 „A Story about Ideas“ (animated short film)

2014 „Ohne Worte“ (short film)

2014 „Mesatropia“ (short film)

2013 „Edwin“ (short film)

2012 „Auf dem Weg“ (short film)

2012 „Rheinheit“ (short film)

sound design and film score

2014 „Romeo & Julia 2.0“ (short film)

2013 „Visual Puree“ (animated short film)

2012 „Stetig. Fremd.“ (short film)

2012 „Vom Wille …“ (animated short film)