Keen Riot


From an early age on I was writing songs and as a digital native went straight to producing them on my computer. Composing and producing music for a bunch of years, I worked on different sounds, from alternative to electro, from beats to experimental music. With various artists and bands of different genres as influence, I absorb as much as I can and keep my music as an ongoing project.

During my bachelor degree course called „media. design and production“, I started to produce short films and animations, for which I recorded voices and foley, edited dialogs and worked out unique sound designs, as well as music and score.
I took on several internships, among them at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver with a pioneer of electroacoustic music, to learn from the best.
For my Master’s Degree I chose a course at the University of Edinburgh called „Digital Composition and Performance“, because it was a unique opportunity to study a futuristic program and work on modern digital tools for studio productions, live-performances and sound installations, as well as improve my sound design and composition skills. Among other things, I focused on interactive multimedia productions and in depth sound performances, for which I recorded and processed sounds, composed progressive music and programmed individual software.

As new challenges come along, evolution of sound ensues. In my opinion science and art, research and downtime are not isolated takes on music, but interrelated approaches to a hauntingly beautiful matter.
My personal goal is to take several perspectives on audio and multimedia productions and design the future while creating individual qualitative forms of sound. In the post digital melting pot of a multimedia blur the focus shifts from separated access points and distinct tools in media to a complex composition with multitrack-medial options and superimposed gateways.
As one of a few trendsetting digital audio producers pushing towards a new era of multimedia, I work on a huge variety and a massive number of successful projects, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations.